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High-Performance Improvement: Networks, Companies and Processes

Summary (1 page): What Executives Should Understand About the VISTALIZER® Technology

Recommended reading (10 pages): How to Catch-Up and Overtake the Best in A Fast and Cost Effective Way

Using VISTALIZER® products you will be able to improve effectively and efficiently whole clusters, company networks, companies and processes. The solutions provide a comprehensive support for implementing e.g. the lean management concept throughout the organization or value chain.

The long-lasting effect of the solutions is based on that they will:

  • Assure that the company is continuously implementing a high-class corporate strategy.
  • Raise the process improvement yield to a very high level in a fast and cost-effective way, even in whole value chains.
  • Maintain the achieved performance level.

The products and related services are divided accordingly into two main segments supporting each other. These segments are Strategy and Process Improvement. They are designed to solve in a systematic and result-oriented way the fundamental business equation, also called the HPPI equation: How to lower the costs, increase the price of the company s outputs, and sell more, without constantly sacrificing the satisfaction of one or more stakeholders.



The solution VISTALIZER® for Businesses provides a verified concept and process for assessing, defining, deploying, implementing and monitoring a corporate strategy. Based on proven theory and practice it will assure that the corporation will perform better in terms of growth and profitability than the market fundaments would normally allow.

The solution VISTALIZER® Acid Test takes partly advantage of the solution VISTALIZER® for Businesses when defining the quality of a corporate strategy. The VISTALIZER® Acid Test includes also an approach for defining the improvement project portfolio quality.


The solutions of this product segment provide a generic process improvement process although they can be implemented as stand-alone solutions to target certain improvement needs.

The VISTALIZER® for Networks solution enables you to do an advanced analysis and synthesis of different networks covering e.g. the supplier network, own units and/or logistics companies. The synthesis may be fully integrated to other VISTALIZER® solutions that analyze and implement required improvement efforts on a company, process and team level.

The solution VISTALIZER® Acid Test takes partly advantage of the solution VISTALIZER® for Networks when defining the (total) process improvement yield, whereas it utilizes the VISTALIZER® Report solution when defining the improvement project portfolio quality.

The VISTALIZER® for Consultants solution enables you to make better process improvement plans, i.e. VISTALIZER® Reports, and deploying the strategy using less time and money. The VISTALIZER® Reports are delivered by authorized consultants.

The VISTALIZER® for Enterprises solution enables you to implement the improvement plans (e.g. the VISTALIZER® Report) and/or educating people in a better way using less time and money. The areas covered in the e-learning application include process improvement, total quality management and management of organizational change.

As a result the performance of the whole value chain and specific processes (the way people act) will be improved in a systematic way. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and a better reputation (brand). Ultimately, this affects positively the way of generating cash to the owners.