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Vista + Vitalize = Vistalize

The Business Idea

The business idea of Vistalize is to develop, market and sell advanced technology for network and process improvement.

The business idea is implemented by using information technology and innovative approaches to knowledge creation, visualization, integration and transfer.

History, Ownership and Management

Vistalize Oy was founded in 1996 by Dr. Tech. Markus Pastinen. Mr. Pastinen is also the company's owner and CEO.

The VISTALIZER® solutions were created based on an extensive R&D work. As a result, it is possible to run a high-performance process improvement in virtually any company, with the use of minimal amount of resources. This is an one-of-a-kind world-class feature.

The offering is complemented by a product segment that will assure the quality of corporate strategies and related activities (deployment, implementation, follow-up).

In 2010, Springer published globally the book "High-Performance Process Improvement". The book deals with the VISTALIZER® process improvement technology and its applications and possibilities. The discussion group "High-Performance Process Improvement" is operated at

Where's the Beef? Value Proposition

The long-lasting effect of the solutions is based on that they will:

  • assure that the company is continuously implementing a high-class corporate strategy.
  • raise the process improvement yield to a very high level in a fast and cost-effective way, even in whole value chains.
  • maintain the achieved performance level.

Core Products and Solutions

The offered solutions are divided into two main product segments* namely Strategy and Process Improvement.


VISTALIZER® for Businesses (concept/process + software support): provides the top management and key persons with the solution/process for creating, deploying, implementing and monitoring high-quality corporate strategies.

High-Performance Process Improvement

VISTALIZER® for Networks (concept/process + software support): provides the top management with an advanced analysis and synthesis of a selected network (suppliers, own units, logistics network or a cluster).

VISTALIZER® for Consultants v. 2.0 (concept/process + software): makes an advanced process analysis and synthesis (the VISTALIZER® Report).

VISTALIZER® Report: an advanced process improvement plan the implementation of which is supported by the solution VISTALIZER® for Enterprises.

VISTALIZER® for Enterprises v. 3.x (iOS/iPadOS/Android App): a high-class and personal solution to increase the knowledge and skills related to the philosophy, approaches and tools related to process improvement.

* There are two solutions "between" these two segments, i.e VISTALIZER® Acid Test and VISTALIZER® Acid Test+.


The customer base covers SMEs, large corporations, public sector organizations and educational institutions.

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