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VISTALIZER® for Enterprises v. 2.0 US (v. 3.0 Q3/2019)

Software Based Education, Training and Implementation of Process Improvement Issues.

The software is designed for companies that want to improve their performance on a lasting basis - in a fast and cost effective way.

The software contains three advanced, but yet practical modules:

  1. A theoretical education module
  2. A practical training module
  3. A module that provides components to create and upgrade the management system

The education module contains theory and practical exercises related to process improvement. In addition, the module contains innovative visualizations that communicate rapidly to the user the essence of process improvement.

The training module contains the required submodules for implementing successfully the philosophy, approaches and tools in practice. The module is by very interactive and visual. It covers all crucial issues like, e.g.:

  1. Understanding in reality the improvement philosophy.
  2. The definition of visions and strategies and the deployment and communication of strategies.
  3. The practical implementation of the PDCA logic (plan, do, check, act).
  4. The quality assurance related to the PDCA documents.
  5. The practical tools (e.g. the flow chart, Pareto and fishbone diagram).

The training module contains a lot of exercises, tasks, questions and answers. Furthermore, it contains a unique interactive case that provides a simulation of the whole life-cycle of a PDCA work, including related improvement tools. During the simulation the user creates a PDCA document, the quality of which can be measured to communicate the level of understanding.

The management system module contains independent software modules that can be attached to VISTALIZER® for Enterprises v. 2.0 to create, customize and upgrade the management system of the company. At the moment, the following modules are ready for delivery:

  1. The vision and strategy.
  2. Process specific improvement plans (VISTALIZER® Report, latest version).
  3. Advanced and flexible performance measurement system covering the process from offering to delivery.
  4. PDCA measurement system that provides an analysis and synthesis how well an organization, unit, team or individual masters the PDCA circle and related tools.
  5. A network performance measurement system (VISTALIZER® for Networks, the analysis).
  6. A network synthesis (VISTALIZER® for Networks, the synthesis).
  7. A customer feedback system (the process, guidelines, the database, the modules for analysis and synthesis).

The user-friendliness of the software has been further improved based on customers' comments and suggestions. The visualizations have been increased by over 500% compared with the version 1.0.

Compared with the VISTALIZER® for Enterprises version 1.0, the 1.0 version contains about 25% of the substance of version 2.0. The version 2.0 has also been design to integrate even better the (internnal) consultants and trainers in the education and training process. Hence, the customers will receive the most optimal solutions.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Intel 586 or higher (recommended)
  • MS-Windows (32-bit); Windows 64-bit environments has to be virtualized. E.g. Windows 7 Professional, Enterprises and Ultmiate (64-bit) can be virtualized using Microsoft's XPMode technology. The version 3.0 (2019 release) is scheduled for publishing in Q1/2019. It provides a new technological platform with a full LMS (Learning Management System) integration for all devices.
  • An office suite (at least a word processor and a spreadsheet program)
  • A CD-drive or USB port
  • A VGA or higher-resolution video adapter with 256 colors
  • A pointing device (e.g. a mouse) compatible with MS Windows
  • A hard-disk drive with at least 20 MB of free space
  • At least 15 MB of random access memory