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Assuring the Improvement Effectiveness at the Process Level

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Improvement effectiveness means that you improve the right issues. This can be achieved by a high-class process improvement plan. Improvement efficiency means, on the other hand, that you improve the issues right. This can be achieved with high-class implementation solutions.

The VISTALIZER® Report provides an organization with a comprehensive analysis and synthesis of its processes in terms of time, cost and quality. It merges the concerns of customers, employees and owners to a compact whole to find the optimal improvement plans. Besides the main application area (corporate/organizational planning), other application areas include internal audit and control, process due diligence and definition of the project portfolio quality.

The VISTALIZER® Report is used in a variety of businesses covering SMEs, large and/or listed corporations, and the public sector. It has been scientifically verified in a doctoral dissertation (publ. 1998).

The approach consumes 5-7 h of the key persons time. The report is generally ready for delivery in 14 days. The work can be done fully using common video conference solutions such as e.g. Microsoft Teams.

Implementation support: the app VISTALIZER for Enterprises and These solutions assure a sufficient improvement efficiency, which means that the process improvement plan is implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner.